T22 Sites      
Moby's T22 Page
The Home page of T22#1931
Galileo's T22 Page
T22# 2104 "Brave and Crazy" A Must Visit!!
Chris Judy's MD Tanzer Boat List
Tony Bertram's T22 Page
Peace Of Heaven T22#1402 Page
Kaymac's Web Spot
Mike's Virtual Chandlery
Tanzer 22 #190 Tarka The homepage of Doug Patterson
Tanzer 22 "Brijan"
Canadian Yachting boat review for the Tanzer 22
Spin Sheet T22 Boat Review
Practical Sailor T22 Boat Review (Dec.1981)
Practical Sailor T22 Boat Review (Feb. 2001)
In A Light Bulb - Daysailer Lightnin'    Small Tanzer in a light bulb  ....go figure?
Michael's T22 Boat Review
T22 Plans & Specs
Other Tanzer Pages:
Tanzer 14 Rudder Replacement 75k pdf file
Tanzer 14 Pictures
Tanzer 14/16 Owners Manual
T14 Plans & Specs
The Tanzer 16 Page
Tanzer 16 Rudder Replacement 75k pdf file
Chris Locke's Tanzer 16 Page
Tanzer 14/16 Owners Manual
T16 Plans & Specs
Tanzer 16 Sail Prices
A T7.5 Page by Jacques Bertrand
Daniel Servranckx's T7.5 Page
Lifes Good T7.5 Page
Dream Weaver's 7.5's Page
Canadian Yachting, A tale of two Tanzers (boat reviews) � T26 and T7.5
Michael's T7.5 Boat Review
T7.5 Plans & Specs
A T25 Page by J. Kriz
T25 Plans & Specs
The Tanzer26 site
Scott Sharkey's Tanzer26 Page
Ron Ziernciki's Tanzer Page
The Tanzer26 Rudder Page
Windshift's Tanzer26 Page
Bob Johns Tanzer 26 #657, Lady Fox
Captain Andy's T26 Sailing Page
Canadian Yachting, A tale of two Tanzers (boat reviews) � T26 and T7.5
Michael's T26 Boat Review
T26 Plans & Specs
A very well done Tanzer 27 Page
T27 Plans & Specs
T8.5 Plans & Specs
Michael's T8.5 Boat Review
Régis Gosselin
Xan-�-Deux, Tanzer 28, our "Freighter with Legs"
Gypsy Rover II's Tanzer28 Page
Francisco's Tanzer 28 Page
Rich T28 #7492 "Black Lion" Web Page
Rich T28 #7492 "Black Lion" Picture Page
Michael's T28 Boat Review
T28 Plans & Specs
More T28 Plans & Specs
A Tanzer 29 Site
T29 Plans & Specs
Tanzer 31 Spec Sheet
The WaterFront's T31
T31 Plans & Specs
Michael's T10.5 Boat Review
T10.5 Plans & Specs
Interesting Sailing Links
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Thai Teak Marine
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Boat Owners World
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Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page
Sailing Software
Nautical Expressions in the Vernacular
The Sailing Source - The Internet Sailing Magazine
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Technalithics Laboratories Sailing Page
Care and Protection of Sails
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